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Our experience covers a wide range of segments in machinery industry, including consulting companies across mechanical energy and overhaul, general purpose machinery and equipment, machine tools, etc.

We have implemented numerous projects across market research and strategy development, investment support and operations improvement. As a result, our clients are able to enter new markets, grow profits and remain competitive.

Examples of projects
Strategic support for the project of localization of production of specialized and road construction machinery in Russia

Our client, a leading producer of specialized and road construction machinery, experienced limited sales on Russian market given the recent changes in legislation and increased competition from local market players. The company decided to invest into local production facility. Within scope of the project we provided the following services: market research with conclusions on necessity to allocate production facility in Russia; analysis of localization background and conditions; analysis of localization models, including SPIC (calculations and reasoning), regional assessment and selection of potential production sites for localization; strategic consultancy; business plan and project budget estimation; government relations support. Currently negotiations are being held in the headquarters and decision on the further steps is awaited.

Investment support for the production project implementation by one of largest Western machinery holding

The large Western machinery holding intended to localize production of fittings and control equipment for piping valves in Russia. Our services included regional study and region choice, location analysis and choice of the site for potential localization, preliminary negotiations on the investment, government relations support.

Market study and market entry strategy for large European manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces

Our company in cooperation with the partner, an international consulting company implemented a survey on Russian heat treatment furnaces market as a part of more extensive research on Eastern European market. Development of market entry strategy for our client involved thorough analysis of possible customers and potential competitive landscape. As a key result of the research we were able to underline major customer preferences in the industry, as well as to identify major local furnaces producers as potential merger/acquisition targets for the client, and provided their detailed assessment.

General overview of electric motors market in Russia

Our company prepared a report for the Western European manufacturer, who was interested in electric motors market in Russia with the focus on DC (Direct current) motors segment. Since the project was very limited in time, the research was primarily based on secondary sources. The outcome of our work was a general report discussing the electric motors market in Russia and concentrating on the key issues such as current situation, key trends, drivers and restraints on the market, including visual representations in the form of graphs and charts with relevant comments.

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