Marketing & Sales Strategy Consulting
We combine strategic thinking with the extensive market assessment helping our clients to improve sales performance, enter new markets or gain additional market share
Market analysis
Market entry
Market analysis

  • Market analysis, market segmentation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of demand for a product and/or service, consumer analysis
  • Emerging markets analysis
  • Export potential analysis
  • Benchmarking, identification of the best practices of competitors on the market
  • Forecasting sales of a company
  • Forecasting market dynamics
  • Risks identification
Market entry strategy development

  • Market entry strategy advisory
  • Choice of market entry model

Market entry costs assessment

  • Estimation of marketing and distribution costs for your company while entering a particular market
  • Evaluation of necessity of getting licenses and other permissions
  • Estimation of alternatives and costs to get a favorable decision from government and local authorities

Positioning strategy development

  • Defining a target consumer segment for product and/or service
  • Assistance in choice of a profitable market niche for your company, differentiating your product from that of your competitors

Price setting policy

  • Setting an economically reasonable price for a product
  • Identification of conditions for product price revision
  • Advisory on profit maximization as a result of product price revision
  • Development of efficient discount and bonus schemes

Marketing strategy development

  • Emerging markets strategy development
  • Export strategy development
  • Development of competitive strategy
  • Development of advertising campaign
  • Development of distribution system
  • Identification of development plans
Procurement system development and optimization

  • Development of procurement policy
  • Identification of cost structure
  • Analysis of opportunities for cost structure optimization
  • Development of suppliers selection criteria
  • Development of KPI and procurement management system
Distribution channels development and optimization

  • Development of distribution system
  • Advisory on distribution channels management system
  • Analysis of potential expansion of distribution channels
  • Due diligence of existing distribution system
  • Analysis of opportunities for distribution system optimization
  • Search for new distribution channels
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